A Certain Sense of Order

Catherine Kontz / Anne Sexton

in English


running time – 1 hour


creation and composition – Catherine Kontz
creation and direction – Sasha Amaya

creation and concept – Naomi Woo

performers (voice) – Rosie Middleton, Sarah Parkin
piano, organs – Rosie Naomi Woo, Catherine Kontz


produced by tick tock, Catherine Kontz

photos – © Claire Shovelton

Théâtre du Centaure :

avril 2019 : 25*, 26


Les spectacles commencent sauf mention contraire à :

18h30 les jeudis et dimanches (*)

20h les autres jours.


Tarifs: 20€ / 8€

Kulturpass accepté.

Renseignements et réservations :

Par téléphone : +352 22 28 28 (répondeur)

Réservations par mail


La caisse est ouverte une demi-heure avant le spectacle.




A Certain Sense of Order is a work for two singers exploring the American poet Anne Sexton. Using the text of a single poem – For John, Who Begs Me Not to Inquire Further – the piece reflects on Sexton’s life and work, including her practice of recording and listening to tapes of her therapy sessions. While reciting excerpts of the poem, the singers perform activities reminiscent of a variety of practices from Sexton’s life : writing at a typewriter, recording speech, listening to tapes. Transitioning between media, the singers manifest and mingle roles from the home and therapy room. Rather than a literal or biographical representation of the poet or her work, the piece is better understood as a performed poetic interpretation.


A sign of the success of A Certain Sense of Order is the freshness and seriousness with which it musically and dramatically explores the radical performative potential of Sexton and her poetry, in addition to the active questions it leaves us with. 3:AM MAGAZINE


A gentle, thoughtful, provocative and beautiful piece. Bill Bankes-Jones, Artistic director of Tête à Tête Opera